But still we are in the same room Over Here a white middle-aged man Intellectual             despite some resistance Literary interests Man as theoretically study And there A boy whose parents are drunkards who never had any girl He smells strongly of sweat and tobacco His greatest interest is engines because they interact in their internal and there a girl … Fortsätt läsa Worlds


I’m talking a long time about Dante tells them of hell, purgatory, heaven about his moral map When I ask the students to categorize contemporary morality in a nine-step deep hell funnel and like gods inflict punishment for the culprits they illuminate and grab their pens But one student completely still does not want to work but linger when the others go None of us … Fortsätt läsa Dante

School development Friday

Studying day and we are told that we are the best at being the worst apropos PISA Only Chile and Mexico are significantly worse in math, reading and science How did it happen It is not the teacher’s fault the lecturer says but a structural one a conscious cognitive bias that the outside world turn giddy when they hear about Freedom to select school Private … Fortsätt läsa School development Friday