Ekphrasis on Oil Painting

Those who smiles are to the fore at sales booths
with apples and oranges
The market is selling home grown everlasting flowers
crisp-bread and jam jars
Of course
the sun shines
Of course
the clouds are dubbed there
Of course
people are red and yellow and blue
A summer without mosquitoes

But below the city hotel porch
two figures are sitting on a bench
each with a bottle in his hand
At first they were part of the building
hidden by the market colours
The only way to see
is to go close and become a part of
Between the stalls are men with beer glasses
faces mushy and swollen
When one sees
impossible to stop seeing

So let us understand
Take a step back
The wholeness is a summer without mosquitoes
where people buy their joy
everlasting flowers jam jars crisp-bread
Let us understand
the mushy
Hidden in the shadows
still there
not in the background but
as nuance
What would the red and yellow and blue be
without the shadows


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