Apple pie

Part of the image is dissolved by the sun
close to
her eyes
the smile
the red hair
tousled or hovering
Cheek is pressed against a white shirtfront
not dad´s
The smile
The eyes are so blue
cheeks apple-shaped
and shoulders thin
neck exposed and
make up makes her distinct
but in the wrong way

The eyes are directed straight into the camera
or towards me in another time
Was she happy right then
Things you do not see are the most important
how she tucks in
seals for cold evenings
with the scent of apple pie in her blouse
Hand softness when it caresses the cheek and
Things you do not see are
always the most important

The hair and the smile and the makeup
Were never she
even though everyone says it now
I’ll try again
To me she was all things not seen
To me she was not the hair and the smile and the makeup
try again
For me she is apple pie
Just as
For me she is apple pie
and soft hands to my cheeks
a lake
and guardian against the cold


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