The Tempest

After such an event one will be changed
you said
and I agreed
Then we bought snacks
and watched Shakespeare’s The Tempest
but turned off in the middle
to see how many people who had died

In the heat corpses deployed in rows
Human lamenting
was captured skillfully by the photographers
An old woman
broke down before the reporter
She had lost her entire family
and was a strong symbol

The greatest catastrophe ever
you said
and I agreed
Then we looked at the rest of the play
and ate chips
sourcreme and onion

To honor the dead
we bought no fireworks
that year

New Year’s Eve
The champagne, the food, the girls
We all had so much fun

It was so powerful when all of Europe stopped
you said
and I agreed
In three minutes we thought of the dead
I was thinking of an electric mixer
I was considering to buy also
but mostly I thought
of those who had died

Then everything continued





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