Confession of Faith

Seeking we went down to the walls around Thebes
where you sat and cried leaning against the boulders
you who advised Oidipus blindness
after his mother marriage
and gave Odysseus shade in the underworld
promises of continued traveling
You advised us to fight and
we got riddles to interpret
Only afterwards did we understand
that wars are always lost

varat by Vishnu
teacher and savior
you who advised Arjuna
killing his relatives at Kurukshetra
You used to cycle between life and death to
justify violence
Am I a priest or a warrior
in my search for the only answer
Am I trapped in the universe and
yet too weak to understand slaying

you foreshadowed and prefigured
you murderer in the name of The Lord
you hero
When God came to you
not like storm or earthquake or fire
but as a hum in your veins
did you feel fear or confidence
When utilized as punishing cudgel
Did you know or were your knowledge circumcised
to only cover
one truth

In Buddh Gaya during Bodhi
still smiling
Shakayamuni sat in a cloth
But when we asked
nothing more than a smile and the doctrine
In years we practiced without becoming free from our fears
and without for a moment
feeling space vibrate
Maybe in the next life
But in this existence
we are without answers

you saw
The world devoured by fire
the beast rising out of the earth and
people who had not taken the decision plagued
How much time is left
How many nights will we squirm
awaiting answers
draw ridiculous sketches of life
and force life out of waiting
When you got the vision
were you really not happy then

Gabriel sent down by God
what did you mediated
angel among angels
Humans without inherited sin
she who alone is responsible to the one
she who humbly bows to the sacred
Did you mediate community of love
and the child’s purity to the Prophet in the cave
Yet this world
a covering of dirt over the creation and
the bewildered that despite your manifesto
have no answer yet

The asphalt has hardened
with glossy white blanket over itself
We have to put aside the books
and must return to the social gatherings
We see nothing
Nothing haunts us
Neither seer or deity
To maintain the vision of a solution of the riddles
or relieve ourselves on the terror of hope
Man of man
God of God
Nothing of Nothing


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