School development Friday

Studying day
and we are told that
we are the best at being the worst
apropos PISA
Only Chile and Mexico are
significantly worse in math, reading and science

How did it happen
It is not the teacher’s fault
the lecturer says
but a structural one
a conscious cognitive bias that
the outside world turn giddy when they hear about
Freedom to select school
Private schools
Freedom to make profit
The freedom trilogy

One of the men who formulated
how the school would operate
made himself a multi-millionaire
from his formulations

Pinochet’s Chile
is the only country in the world
that tried anything like
the freedom trilogy
but even there
they understood that
it did not work
Pinochet’s regime felt sorry for the kids
and terminated the school experiment

While I was listening
I think about how it feels
to become a multi-millionaire
from exploiting
to drain the system
that secures the future
for children
to create a system
contributing to ethical sorting
of children

And how does it feel as a politician
to know
but not change
because it is
the wrong ideology

There is no statistical answer
on the real issues
and we get to go home in a deep trepidation
to be nodes in
a system
with scientific precision
makes the powerful
even more powerful and
the weak
even weaker


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